Good News: My 5-session “Course on Reading the Petit Lenormand Cards” is available on-line or DVD and is getting a bump with a free Skype Q&A session with me on May 7th, 2014. Those who’ve bought the course can now sign in to a private online Discussion Group and Resource Centre. I will be available in the discussion group from May 1 to May 21st when I will comment on your practice spreads and answer questions. 

Discover how exploring the cards by categories or themes makes learning so much easier and more sensible. Get a handle on the Grand Tableau right from the start, as this is how the cards were meant to be read!

If buying the set of five classes is on your ‘to do’ list, don’t put it off any longer. Purchase now so that you have time to watch the classes before I join the discussion forum from 1-21 May. Don’t forget, there’s also a Skype Q&A session with me on 7 May.

In the latest “Behind the Scenes” Blog post on “The Rise and Rise of the Petit Lenormand Deck,” I talk about the origins of the Tarot and Lenormand card systems. I offer a few ideas about why there has been such a groundswell of interest in the deck in recent years.

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